Credentials and Memberships

Sparkling Performance is an Organizational Member  of the Association for  Coaching OMAC. AC is committed to promoting best practice and raising the awareness standards and ethics of coaching worldwide. All members are bound by the code of Ethics and Good Practice of the AC.

Tibisay Vera FInstLM, our Founder and Senior Consultant, is a Member Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Fellow is the most prestigious membership level and reserved for experienced senior leaders and managers.

Tibisay Vera FInstLM, our Founder and Senior Coach, is a Member of the British Neuroscience Association. The British Neuroscience Association is the largest UK organisation representing all aspects of neuroscience.  

Tibisay Vera FInstLM, our Founder and Senior Coach, is a Member and the UK Director of the International Academy of Neuroscience and Education, ANE.  

What we do

Business Well-Being centre for Organizations and Leaders

Invigorating, thought-provoking and fun bespoke solutions to support teams and executives during times of change, transition or development.

The programme produces transformational results, which translate in performance improvement, increase of financial results of the organization and well-being. 

We apply cutting-edge brain research and applied neuroscience tools to increase Personal and Business performance.  

From learning to implementing. From BE and DO to HAVE results. From designing to achieving results. From Neuron to networks. From Neurons to well-being.

It involves innovative behavioural self-awareness tools and techniques, increase resilience, stress reduction, mindfulness exercise and techniques.

Career Change: Focus, Structure and Support

Evaluate choices for next move strategies

Mindfulness at work and at home 

Reduce stress at work and personal life, manage energy and achieve balance at work and life, increase resilience, restore passion at work and at home

We work with Organizations, Executives, Expats, Succesful individuals, Career-oriented Mothers and International Families. 

Create value during transition times

We help people going through fundamental changes in their life or business in the process of the deep transformation to achieve high performance states and well-being.

We help organizations to rollout change programmes; including creating diversity teams, developing high performance leadership, enhancing communication, restructuring and transition solutions, as well as offshoring projects. 

Performance Improvement 

We develop and support successful people, leaders and international organizations during times of change and transition to achieve excellence.

Leadership Development, Neuroleadership and Neuro-economics: How the brain makes decisions

We are at the vanguard of using applied Neuroscience and Mindfulness in business and personal development to enhance well-Being and drive performance

For Organizations : Innovative team Coaching, Leadership development, Mindfulness and well-being programmes based on Neuroscience

Personal Change & Transition Coaching

How do We deliver

We specialise in inductive and experiential development, offering leading edge coaching based on neuroscience research and brain science application solutions. 

We work together with our clients to find the best and more effective solution according to our clients budget and needs.

We have partnered with selected and few of the best coaches and few well recognised consultants to bring you a suite of practical Tools and Solutions. 

Every day we look into the market for innovative ways to help your business and to find the right partners to help us to deliver our intentions.

Why us

Because businesses and enterprise are made of people, and people's life are shaped by their businesses or jobs; We believe coaching should cover both; business and life. 

But We also know that coaching in isolation does not work, unless you can offer alongside solutions, tools, resources, business and personal Networks and advice to their inmeadiate needs. 

As an add value, by working with us, YOU will have access to a top-class Business and Personal Global network that our founder Tibisay Vera have developed for more than 15 Years. 


1 Tibisay Vera

Our values are very much in line with our Founder and Senior Coach Tibisay Vera approach to life.

Tibisay Vera

I am passionate about life and businesses and truly believe that we can be serious about our work without being serious about ourself. 

My motto in life is to enjoy what you are doing, have fun, experience it, change it and take risk for a new challenge"

I run my life and business as my 3 years old daughter taught me: playing, having fun, trusting, following the leaders but being rebel at the same time, modeling for success, learning, being 100% present, falling, crying, smiling and being ready for the next adventure!

The most rewarding experiences are the most simple ones but we need to have freedom and choices to be able to appreciate them and to be fully present.


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