Sparkling Performance works closely with few partners and organizations to deliver customised solutions, products and services.

We believe in partnerships with both our clients and a select team of suppliers. If you are interested to explore oportunities to partner with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are currently developing further this page to be able add more value to our clients.

Sparkling Performance ™  has partnered with PRISM Brain Mapping and The center for Applied Neuroscience to exclusively distribute PRISM and its applications to Spain, Panama, Venezuela, and Colombia. We are looking to start growing a network of PRISM Certified Practitioners in Latin America and Spain in the near future and will be offering Certification courses. Contact us for further details about how to become a practitioner.

PRISM Brain Mapping is an innovative tool based on neuroscience, which help to identify people's behaviour preferences based on brain activity.

Download here the brochure.

Call us + 44 203 504 0027 to learn more about how PRISM Brain mapping can help you to raise awareness and to improve performance 


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