Authentic Leadership



Neuroscience for Senior Leaders

Mastering Authentic Leadership for Non-Executive Directors

This program has been exclusively designed to provide practical application of authentic leadership to Non-Executive Directors.

It focus on raising self-awareness and developing influencing and persuation skills using latest brain research and application of neuroscience.

It helps aligning personal values to the NED portfolio selection.

When: 12th July 2017 - 13:00-18:00

Where: Central London

Investment: £195

The journey to authentic leadership begins with understanding yourself: your life stories, crucibles and setbacks” Bill George - Author of Authentic Leadership 

Mastering leadership start with self-awareness and awareness of others.

Authentic leadership has become a "hot topic” in the news and is at the top of the agenda of business schools such as Harvard  Business Executive Education and the Institute of Leadership and Management ILM.

Becoming an “authentic leader” is a MUST in the new era and with “millenniums” hitting the grounds within organisations, and even more imperative at times of change, career turning points and developing skills to lead at the top of the house. 

At Sparkling Performance we use latest brain research, neurofeeback technology and applied neuroscience tools and techniques to help executives and people from “different walk of life” in the process of mastering authentic leadership.   

Mastering "authentic leadership"

NEW!  2-Days Program

Neuroscience for Senior Leaders

Mastering Authentic Leadership for times of Change

This 2-days program has been especially designed for middle management and senior leader who want to get ground knowledge about latest research in neuroscience and its practical applications in the field of authentic leadership to balance peak performance and wellbeing during times of change.

Includes practical brain work-outs and techniques to raise self-awareness.

A MUST have experience during times of personal or organizational change

NOTE: This program can be run on-site and be customized to your own unique needs.


Applied neuroscience is an emerging discipline and an area of research within the fields of organizational and personal development, leadership and peak performance.  Those who understand the implications of this research will be positioned to take competitive advantage.

Practical application of concepts and techniques deriving from neuroscience can enhance personal development and to help you mastering authentic leadership - At Home and At work, especially at times of personal or organizational change.

To learn more and/or to understand how we can help you to develop your authentic leader, to raise self-awareness in your-self or the team and to increase your influence as a leader in an authentic way, give us a call and we will happily answer all your questions.

In addition to our 1:1 executive coaching solutions to help in the process of mastering authentic leadership, we are also starting to run powerful half-days workshops and 2-days programs 


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