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Launch of International Academy of Neuroscience and Education, ANE in UK

Tibisay Vera, the founder of Sparkling Performance has been appointed as the UK Director and representative of the International Academy of Neuroscience and Education (ANE) in the UK.

ANE International is opening doors in UK to help Coaches, Consultants, education institutions and HR professionals to bring brain research and applied neuroscience into people's life and organizations.

ANE is becoming one of the most important international bodies that guarantee the spread of neuroscience in the most serious way ensuring the highest standards in the currently unregulated area of neuroscience. It counts with the support of neuroscientists of the caliber of Nobel Prize Erick Kandel and prestigious scientist Gerhard Roth as part of the advice board.      

As part of the launch, we are having a special workshop  “ The fascinated Mind” and opportunity to network at the Wellcome Trust Center in Euston on the 08th November at 6:30pm. Click here to learn more about the event and to register

Leading authentically: What does authentic leadership actually mean and look like on a daily basis?

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 Tibisay Vera, our founder and senior coach was invited  on  the 07th March 2017 to join the panel of discussion on an thoughtful and inspiring evening organised by the Institute of Leadership and Management, ILM in London.

During the evening topics such as self-awareness, integrity, inspire trust, belief and values took the lead for what an authentic leader should develop and apply specially as “millennium” generation start to join the workforce and in many cases start taking senior managerial roles.

It is not enough to lead by “doing” and “having” but also by “being”. New academic and business research have established that "authentic leadership” is the way to move forward.     



Tibisay Vera was invited to speak about the science behind Mindfulness @Bhuti - 16th November 2016

Changing the way we think, we behave and what we do can change physically our brain and increase brain plasticity to increase performance and maintain wellbeing. Brain training including mindfulness techniques can increase focus and cognition in children and parents. 

This very special workshop will cover the science behind mindfulness for family wellbeing and it will introduce brainworkouts to families.

A relaxing evening of knowledge, practical brain work-outs, tips and inspiration. From neurons to well-being.

Relaxing, invigorating and thought-provoking evening.

Unique oportunity to meet and listen to Tibisay Vera in a relax environment.

Location: Bhuti - Richmond, London

Reward Processing and Perceived Life Stress’ s Sublime Balance: A case for motherhood. By Tibisay Vera


Numerous studies have found that elevated levels of perceived stress predict decreased hedonic capacity. Most recently however, research has demonstrated that stress has different effects on the reward processing depending on the nature of the stressor (acute/chronic) and the phase of the reward processing (anticipatory or consummatory). In the particular case of the maternal brain, the entire reward process play a key role in maternal sensitivity and the well-being of the mother, but at the same time the perinatal period is frequently a stressful and demanding time.  

This study It was a first step to understand the relationship between perceptional stress and two facets of the reward processing (anticipatory and consummatory pleasure) in exclusively breastfeeding mothers, exclusively formula feeding mothers and healthy no mothers.  Click here to download abstract

Tibisay Vera was invited to speak at ExpoOportunidades 2014

Imperial College London was the holder this year of ExpoOportunidades 2014. A great initiative organised by non-profit organization Mesa de Conexiones y Oportunidades COLUK to help Colombians and Latin Americans living in the UK to integrate to the community through networking with the spirit of generating social capital and improve opportunities for personal, social and economic development.

Tibisay Vera, Founder of Sparkling Performance was invited to speak about “Going back to work and choosing the right way forward” in an event full of excitement and passion where more than 500 Latin Americans and Colombians attended the event. 

Tibisay Vera featured in Brain Wave newsletter

A Month in the life of a PRISM practitioner, Tibisay Vera from Sparkling Performance

"Sparkling Performance has teamed-up with PRISM Brain Mapping to develop the Latin American and Spanish market. Tibisay is currently collaborating with PRISM Brain Mapping to ensure that Spanish-speaking communities can access PRISM Brain Mapping reports"


5 Steps to Juggling a Startup and a Family

By Tibisay Vera:  Guest Author at entrepreneurhandbook.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of women entrepreneurs has increased 9.6% during the past two years and it is estimated that 300,000 of these are mums. In fact it has been found that almost 90% of mothers would like to start their own enterprise. What does make “start your own business” so appealing to Mothers? Are Mothers looking to startup a new venture or are they looking to start a new sustainable, congruent life? And if so, how can mums juggle a startup and a family? Work and life balance is a mindset rather than a time set.

The transition from womanhood to motherhood is considered one of the deepest transformations in a woman lifetime. This transformation could even be deeper in career-oriented mothers who have planned their life based on promotions, life-style and career success.

As major changes occur at multiple levels at the same time, it is not uncommon for new mothers to loose their professional identity and to re-evaluate their career options. Motherhood offers a great opportunity to re-evaluate what “career success” means in terms of personal development.

Starting a new enterprise would mean starting something new from the beginning and therefore becomes so appealing to new mothers. The following are a few tips and lessons I learnt for changing careers and juggling a startup/ family.

1. Know your intentions

Ask yourself, what starting a new enterprise means to you. What are the benefits to start your own business? If you are looking for flexibility and life balance, are there any other choices that might also satisfy your intention? If you are looking for a more congruent and sustainable life that matches the “new you”, how sustainable would the new business be for you in the short, medium and long term. Do you see yourself running the business after your kids have grown up? Would you be passionate about your business idea after your little ones are not so little anymore?


Lessons from my two year old: I now run my life and business as my daughter taught me

By Tibisay Vera

My drive to understand motherhood was born simultaneously with my daughter.

Did I ever think I would love being a Mum? Not even in a-day dream.

Did I stress about slowing down a high fly career? Extremely


The arrival of my daughter has forever changed my world and the lens I see the world through. Before I became a Mum, I never felt my heart break into millions pieces when I couldn’t stop a cry, or that someone so small could have such profound influence on me. The love, the joy, the magic, and the fun I could have with such little creature!

I never imagined the extreme bonding and special relationship that could exist between a mother and a child BUT certainly I never imagined how overwhelmed and over worked having a child would be. If 80% of women in the UK become mothers at one point of time in their life, I wondered how come I had not been aware of the overwhelmed sense of transformation than a woman go through when they become a Mum.

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Sparkling Performance join The first ever Work & Family show in London

Sparkling Performance is proud to sponsor "Project You" at The Work & Family Show on the 21st February. Tibisay Vera, will join a group of 4 other experts panelists at this exciting seminar "Project you" to be hold at the show to speak about "Achieving through Transitions".

The Show is a unique opportunity to discover flexible working, glean expert information and coaching to develop yourself and your business ideas, find franchise opportunities, and find family friendly solutions.

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Project You

Are you presenting the image you think you are? Are you selling yourself short and need a reminder of how talented you are and the new skills you’ve acquired? Whether you’ve been out of the game for a few years or just feel you need to refocus your energy, it’s time to look at building your personal brand.

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