Lessons from my two year old: I now run my life and business as my daughter taught me

By Tibisay Vera

My drive to understand motherhood was born simultaneously with my daughter.

Did I ever think I would love being a Mum? Not even in a-day dream.

Did I stress about slowing down a high fly career? Extremely


The arrival of my daughter has forever changed my world and the lens I see the world through. Before I became a Mum, I never felt my heart break into millions pieces when I couldn’t stop a cry, or that someone so small could have such profound influence on me. The love, the joy, the magic, and the fun I could have with such little creature!

I never imagined the extreme bonding and special relationship that could exist between a mother and a child BUT certainly I never imagined how overwhelmed and over worked having a child would be. If 80% of women in the UK become mothers at one point of time in their life, I wondered how come I had not been aware of the overwhelmed sense of transformation than a woman go through when they become a Mum.

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