Reward Processing and Perceived Life Stress’ s Sublime Balance: A case for motherhood. By Tibisay Vera 


Numerous studies have found that elevated levels of perceived stress predict decreased hedonic capacity. Most recently however, research has demonstrated that stress has different effects on the reward processing depending on the nature of the stressor (acute/chronic) and the phase of the reward processing (anticipatory or consummatory). In the particular case of the maternal brain, the entire reward process play a key role in maternal sensitivity and the well-being of the mother, but at the same time the perinatal period is frequently a stressful and demanding time.  

This study It was a first step to understand the relationship between perceptional stress and two facets of the reward processing (anticipatory and consummatory pleasure) in exclusively breastfeeding mothers, exclusively formula feeding mothers and healthy no mothers.  Click here to download abstract

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