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Enhance Well-Being and Drive Performance


- One-to-One Brain coaching: From 2 to 6 sessions

- 2 days workshop "Neuroscience to Increase performance and well-being"

- Mindfulness at work and at home

- Breakthroght Sessions available


In addition to providing in-house services to Corporate clients, our Founder and Senior Coach, Tibisay Vera run few personal One-to-One clinics for individual clients in London:  

- Off Kensington High Street, West London W8

- Chiswick Business Park, West London

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Tel. +44 203 504 0027

PRISM Brain Mapping

It is a unique way of identifying people's behaviour preferences based on brain activity. 

To Learn More about PRISM Brain Mapping download our Brochure or call us on +44 203 5040027 

Neurocoaching is an evidence based approach to cognitive (thinking), behavioral and emotional change. It facilitates transformational change in the client.

Neurocoaching is designed to help you master the ability to increase your capacity to perform at peak performance, and to approach change positively.   

If you are looking to make sustainable change, going throught a transformational phase in your life, or simply want to increase personal and business performance in a fun and friendly environment you are in the right place.

"It is a life changing experience" Having your own Personal coach is fun, challenging, invigorating, "thought-provoking", deliver results, improve performance and enhances wellbeing. 

At Sparkling Performance ™ we have developed a holistic approach to coaching using the very latest neuroscience research; covering how the brain learns, grows and make decisions and it has been integrated into a humanistic approach of self development and transformational change. 

We will help you to develop new neural pathways in the brain and to learn new thinking and emotional patterns. This is a revolutionary new way of looking at knowledge, behaviour and the how humans build relationships. 

From Neurons to Networks. From Neurons to relationships. From Neurons to Well-being. 

Why use Neuroscience in Coaching

Essentially, brain science, or neuroscience, shows that our brains are built to detect changes in our environment and are more sensitive to negative change. Any change that constitutes a threat can trigger fear causing the brain’s fear centre to stimulate a defensive emotional or impulsive response. Altering our reactions to change is very difficult for the brain, even though logically we may want to. 

The lesson for coaches and leaders here is the harder you push people to change, the harder they will push back.

So, how can coaching work effectively with the brain? First, brain research reveals that focusing on problems or negative behaviour just reinforces those problems and behaviours. Therefore, as we are aware, the best coaching strategies focus on the present and future solutions. 

This requires the development of new neural pathways in the brain and learning new thinking patterns. When new learning occurs, it literally changes the very architecture of the human brain.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to regenerate itself. However, there are positives and negatives to Neuroplasticity. As we age our brain can change and this can be negative change such as poor emotional control or higher levels of stress and anxiety. The positive news is that our brain has the ability to restore and rejuvenate itself.

It is fascinating that we can use this idea of plasticity in our daily lives... that our brains grow anchange based on our lifestyle. 

Using bio and neurofeedback technology we can give you direct feedback on your brains cognitive and emotional states and help you to learn new methods to develop new neural pathways to improve your leadership, cultural adaptation, work performance, personal development, stress management and overall wellbeing and mental performance.

I look forward to start working with you soon.

Tibisay Vera

Tibisay Vera

Tel. +44 203 504 0027

Credentials and Memberships

 Sparkling Performance is an Organizational Member  of the Association for  Coaching OMAC. AC is committed to promoting best practice and raising the awareness standards and ethics of coaching worldwide. All members are bound by the code of Ethics and Good Practice of the AC.

Tibisay Vera FInstLM, our Founder and Senior Coach, is a Member Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Fellow is the most prestigious membership level and reserved for experienced senior leaders and managers.

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