"It is a life changing experience" Having your own Personal coach is fun, challenging, invigorating, "thought-provoking", deliver results, improve performance and enhances wellbeing. 

"Everybody needs a coach"

Just like sport coach do, business and life coaches will help you to focus on the game. Giving Perspective, Structure, Accountability, Motivation and Support. 

Google's CEO - Eric Schmidt

Every famous high performer has a coach

Sparkling Performance ™ is the place to get help and learn EVERYTHING you need to achieve High performance State during transition times.

Sparkling Performance ™ is founded upon the very latest neuro research, covering how the brain learns, grows and makes decisions.

Neuro-coaching works by developing new neural pathways in the brain and learning new thinking patterns. When new learning occurs, it literally changes the very architecture of the human brain. To Learn more about how We use Neuro-science for coaching to improve personal and Business performance CLICK HERE

At Sparkling Performance ™, We will be next to YOU as your Trusted partner to accompany you to the journey of Success. BUT most important is YOU will HAVE FUN. Otherwise why are you still doing what you have been doing?

What made us different and unique from other Coaches or Consultancy firms is that We offer the right mix between Practical, "Quick Wins" sparkling strategies while we together, are still building your capabilities to its maximun potential. 

If you want an authentic and simple approach to Problem solving with measurable results, We are here to help you. Together we will go back to the BASICS and reflect in the "BE", work in the "DO" in order to "HAVE" results. 


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Be: Learning, Development, Reflection, High Performance State, Attitute, Belief Knowledge, Skills, Experiencing, Have Fun.

Do: Plan, Actions, Implementation, Define, Measure, Test, Have Fun.

Have: Results, Performance, Success, Vision, Intentions, Goals, Fun

Our Customized Solutions are designed to cover the 3 elements above. We are aiming to do so by a mix of Short and Medium term Strategies, Tactics and Tools specificly designed for you. 

Let's get started and discuss your needs and How we can help you!

I look forward to start working with you soon.

Tibisay Vera

Tibisay Vera

 Sparkling Performance is an Organizational Member  of the Association for  Coaching OMAC. AC is committed to promoting best practice and raising the awareness standards and ethics of coaching worldwide. All members are bound by the code of Ethics and Good Practice of the AC.

Tibisay Vera FInstLM, our Founder and Senior Coach, is a Member Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Fellow is the most prestigious membership level and reserved for experienced senior leaders and managers.

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