Mothers AT WORK or having a CAREER BREAK

Parenting Coaching

Introducing how the brain works to parents is the best way to make sure we raise our children in a mind-mindful way. The way we think, we behave and what we actually do with our children, shapes our children’s brain.

- Raise happy, confident and resilient children

- Comunicating effectively

- Creating sustainable habits

- Reduce distress and anxiety in the family

- Managing conflicts  

- Learn the power of positive parenting 

- Affection shapes baby’s brain

Very special, practical and educative programme, which will transform the way you think and behave with your children to achieve well-being at home and in your family.

Relaxing, invigorating and thought-provoquing sessions.   

NEW: Introducing Mindfulness to parenting.                               


Maternity Coaching

We help women through this key life transition, providing the space and support to work through the practical and emotional changes. 

- From womanhood to motherhood. From motherhood to the workplace: Five sessions delivered either one-to-one or in group format.

- Going back to work and choosing the right way forward: 3 to 5 sessions focus on behavioral self-awareness, re-built identity, clarification, structure and support.

- Career change and Life transition


women challenges - At home and at work - At home and abroad

Clarify and Target your Priorities

Does your life is a blur of rushing, multitasking, and constantly falling short? 

More women than ever before have an almost super-human ability to juggle work and family life, but it can be difficult, particularly on an emotional level.

At Sparkling Performance ™ we work together with Career-Oriented Mums, Mothers on maternity leave or having a career-break, Expats and Mums entrepreneurs to "Re-brand" yourself. 

We help you aligning new priorities to your career and personal development. We help mothers at work to start working in "Project You". We support you in navigating thorught deep transfomation processes and fundamental shift in thinking.

It's all about Change and performance. Focus, Structure and support

Balanced mums make happy families. Balanced mums make business succeed.

A job, a career or a business. Why it matters? The attitude make the difference.

"Attitude determines altitude" Anonymous 

Women who identify with having a career or running her our business report they are more satisfied and feel more positive in every area of work and life, versus women who state they merely have a job.

According to a study " What Moms think: Career Vs Paycheck" led by Working Mother Media with sponsors Ernst & Young, IBM, and Procter & Gamble shows that "Career-oriented women were more likely to report they felt healthy, that their life was in balance, and that their work fulfilled a higher purpose than “just making money”.

However Guilt is one of the hardest parts about working mother life balance. Time at work is time away from their kids; time with the kids is time away from their career. What ends up loosing "yourself". Mums needs often seem to come last.

 “It is a life changing experience”. Having your own Personal coach is fun, challenging, invigorating, thought-provoking, delivers results, shred guilt, improve performance, instigates change at deep level, build self-esteem/self-confidence and enhances wellbeing. Maternity coaching a neuroscience evidence based.

I look forward to start working with you soon

Tibisay Vera

Tibisay Vera

Tel. +44 203 504 002

Credentials and Memberships

 Sparkling Performance is an Organizational Member  of the Association for  Coaching OMAC. AC is committed to promoting best practice and raising the awareness standards and ethics of coaching worldwide. All members are bound by the code of Ethics and Good Practice of the AC.

Tibisay Vera FInstLM, our Founder and Senior Coach, is a Member Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Fellow is the most prestigious membership level and reserved for experienced senior leaders and managers.

Tibisay Vera FInstLM, our Founder and Senior Coach, is a Member of the British Neuroscience Association. The British Neuroscience Association is the largest UK organisation representing all aspects of neuroscience.  


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