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In addition to our in house seminars and consultancy work, our founder and senior coach Tibisay Vera  runs a regular series of public workshops and master classes with the intention to raise brain awareness in the public and to apply latest research in neuroscience at home and at Work to enhance wellbeing and performance during times of change.


Using Neuroscience to increase Personal and Business Performance

29th May 2017 - Central London 

Time: 13:00 to 18:00 - Investment: £155 per person (Discount for group booking)

This program has been exquisitely designed to provide practical application of concepts and techniques deriving from neuroscience that can support personal development, create high performance, develop leadership behaviors and balance stress, reward and wellbeing within the individual and organisations. 

This afternoon program is specially designed for leaders, high performing individuals and coaches who want to get ground knowledge about latest research in neuroscience and its applications in the field of performance and personal develpment in particular around how to set up context to maintain high performance during times of change a high stress.

A thought-provoking afternoon filled with practical tips, brain work-outs and solid grounded knowledge. 

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To book email: and/or to: +44 203 5040027

Applied Neuroscience for Senior Leaders: Mastering Authentic Leadership for Non-Executive Directors

12th Jul 2017 - Central London

Time: 13:00 to 18:00 - Investment: £195 per person (Discount for group booking)

"The journey to authentic leadership begins with understanding yourself: your life stories, crucibles and setbacks” Bill George - Author of Best Seller book Authentic Leadership 

This program has been exclusively designed to provide practical application of authentic leadership to Non-Executive Directors.

Neuroscience is providing us with grounded knowledge and practical tools to help us to master authenticity. This workshop will provide grounded knowledge about the neurobiology of every day life and its implications for leaders.     

It focus on raising self-awareness and developing influencing and persuation skills using latest brain research and application of neuroscience.

It helps aligning personal values to the NED portfolio selection.

Participants will be offered with a confidential personal brain profiling report to support self-awareness during times of change.

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To book and secure your place email: and/or call to: +44 203 5040027

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