Corporate Solutions

Neuroscience to increase Business and Team Performance

- Developing leaders and teams using Brain science 

- Enhance well-being and drive performance 

- Increase resilience, motivation and innovation during changing times

Workshops & Seminars

Bespoke workshops tailored to the business needs. Usually two to four sessions to raise awareness of preferrred Vs. adapated behaviours, stress and frustration at work and at home, taking latest neuroscience research and its applications to the workplace, brain plasticity, Mindfulness at work.


Executive and Team Brain Coaching

An unique 6 session one to one or team programme to help executives and managers to develop further their leadership skills, decision-making process, manage energy to achieve balance at work and life, raise behavioural awareness and reduce stress. 

A combination of applied neuroscience tools and techniques, mindfulness, brain work outs and exercises. Beautifully designed to get results and have fun.


Key-note speaking

Covering specific topics at global events, lunch meetings, leadership development programmes, off-sites and other business needs.

Example of topics to cover:  Brain plasticity, Why it matters?, stress at work, developing resilience, the neuroscience of performance, learning and brain consolidation, mindfulness, the neuroscience of mindfulness, well-being at work. 


Corporate Solutions

Create Value during transition times

Transition and Restructuring Coaching

An exceptional and flexible programme to help executives and managers to focus, structure and support to effectively plan for restructuring processes. Make sure you keep high motivation, well-being and high performance in the organisation during the transition.


The brain possesses the ability to modify neural connections to better cope with new circumstances. The ability to modify itself is called Brain Plasticity.


The way we think, the way we behave and what we do actually CHANGE physically OUR BRAIN structure. 

Neuroscience gives tangible data, which can be translated into pragmatic tools and techniques.

What are the top 10 benefits you will get by applying neuroscience at work?

- Approach change proactively and positively

- Enhance risk taking and decision making culture

- Increase resilience and stay focus on the goals

- Enhance well-being and drive performance

- Reduce stress and anxiety during changing times

- Achieve operational efficiencies without loosing effectiveness

- Nurture trust, motivation and innovation

- Transformational financial and behavioural results

- Continuos improvement. Kaizen strategies.

- Create the "right mind-set" for success in the team

NEW! We have added PRISM Brain Mapping to our tool portfolio, and we have partnered with the Centre for Applied Neuroscience to train and distribute the world’s most comprehensive, neuroscience based behaviour instrument. 

This exciting tool is specifically designed to identify behavioural preferences and improve interpersonal relationships, leading to increased wellbeing and performance of the individual and the organization.

Who use PRISM Brain mapping?

Here are some of the companies that have used PRISM around the globe, as a part of their people development programmes:

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Tibisay Vera FInstLM, our Founder and Senior Coach, is a Member Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Fellow is the most prestigious membership level and reserved for experienced senior leaders and managers.

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