Business Wellbeing Centre

Business Well-Being Centre

Neuroscience to enhance business and personal     Well-being

- Add Clarity, increase self-awareness and awarenesses of others

- Reduce stress, increase balance and change perspectives

- Enhance focus and attention

Brain Work-outs 

An exquisite 5 sessions of 90 minutes each, to help executives and employees to become mind-minded individuals at home and at work.

Brain workouts helps to create a healthy and high performing environment by reducing stress, increase motivation, awarenesses, focus and attention and change perspectives.

It can be delivered one to one or in group sessions.

Beautifully designed to get  sustainable results and have fun.


Mindfulness sessions

Unique 3 to 6 invigorating sessions to taste and experience the power of mindfulness. The intention is that individuals and organizations start incorporating practical and straightforward mindfulness techniques in their day to day to enhance well-being and increase resilience. We usually cover in one of the session the neuroscience of mindfulness.

Relaxing, invigorating and thought-provoquing sessions.   


Enhance wellbeing and drive performance 

“We are not thinking machines that feel; rather we are feeling machines that thinks” Antonio Damasio (Neuroscientist University Southern California)

Theoretically, well-being has long been viewed as requiring at least two crucial ingredients: positive affect or pleasure (hedonia) and a sense of meaningfulness or engagement in life (eudaimonia).  

During the last decade developments in functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), Electroencephalogram technology among other cutting-edge techniques have enabled scientists to understand much more about how the brain works and special interest and research have been carried out relating wellbeing to brain function. 

Neuroscience now gives tangible data, which can be translated into pragmatic tools and techniques; including mindfulness, brain work-outs, EEG wearable technology, bio-feedback among others and still new and exciting technology is very close to come.


The way we think, the way we behave and what we do actually CHANGE physically OUR BRAIN structure (Brain plasticity).

It is fascinating that we can use this idea of plasticity in our daily lives... that our brains grow anchange based on our lifestyle. 

What are the top 10 benefits of applying neuroscience to wellbeing?

- Approach change proactively and positively

- Add clarity and target your priorities

- Increase resilience

- Enhance focus and attention

- Manage energy and achieve balance at work and life

- Reduce stress and anxiety during changing times

- Nurture trust, motivation and creativity

- Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

- Reduce emotional exhaustion

- Transformational financial and behavioural results

We will help you to develop new neural pathways in the brain and to learn new thinking and emotional patterns. This is a revolutionary new way of looking at knowledge, behaviour and the how humans build relationships. 

Maternity Neuro-Coaching

Bespoke programme depending on the business or individuals needs. 

Coaching helps women through this key life transition, providing the space and support to work through the practical and emotional changes. Maternity coaching can be offered as a programme targeted at high potential employees to achieve balance at home and at work.

Balanced mums make happy families. Balanced mums make business succeed.


Want to learn more about How Brain Science can help the well-Being in your organization?

From Neurons to Networks. From Neurons to relationships. From Neurons to Well-being. 

Credentials and Memberships

Sparkling Performance is an Organizational Member  of the Association for  Coaching OMAC. AC is committed to promoting best practice and raising the awareness standards and ethics of coaching worldwide. All members are bound by the code of Ethics and Good Practice of the AC.

Tibisay Vera FInstLM, our Founder and Senior Coach, is a Member Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management. Fellow is the most prestigious membership level and reserved for experienced senior leaders and managers.

Tibisay Vera FInstLM, our Founder and Senior Coach, is a Member of the British Neuroscience Association. The British Neuroscience Association is the largest UK organisation representing all aspects of neuroscience.  

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